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KAL-EZ Coat, Part 4

Posted by Linda Davis on 9/29/2019 to KALs
The group dissected the sweater instructions by creating a grid from bottom to top.  It was a good exercise to map out exactly what to do per each section of the sweater.

The grid started at the bottom of the sweater and included the following information:
  • Number of Cast-On Stitches
  • Identify each "marked stitch"
  • Identify the number of stitches in each section between the markers/marked stitches  (marked stitches are not counted in each section)
  • Identify the number of knitted sections per the size of each individual sweater
  • Identify the number of rows per each section, which also identified the row where decreases occur
  • Identify the number of stitches in each section between the markers after the decreases are completed. 
  • Identify the final section of garter stitch ridges or knitted rows before placing stitches on hold to do the sections
It should be noted that BEFORE you knit the last row of the body, finish your phoney seams so you can knit the two stitches together and have the correct number of stitches before putting stitches on hold for the top of the body.

After completing the body of the coat, the back should be done as instructed by size.  (This was also identified on the grid)  At the top of the back section, short rows are done using w&t's (wrap and turns)

To do the wrap and turns for garter stitch, do the following when you come to the stitch to be wrapped:

Step 1: Move the yarn from the back to the front
Step 2: Slip the stitch from the left needle purlwise to the right needle
Step 3: Move the yarn from the front to the back
Step 4: Slip the stitch back to the left needle purlwise, and turn

After all short rows/ridges are completed, you knit across all the stitches.  When you come to the w&t's, you DO NOT need to pick up the wrap and knit it together with the stitch.  Just knit the stitch and continue as instructed.  When the back is finished, put the stitches on hold and begin one of the front sections.  (Be sure you continue to knit that section from the correct direction.)

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