KAL-EZ Coat, Part 3

Time to Begin!

The cast-on method is knitter's choice, but do not use a cast-on that does not have any give or stretch, such as a cable cast-on. I chose the long-tail method for my coat. If you choose the long-tail cast-on, remember that you will complete Row 1 of the pattern when you have finished.

The pattern calls for marking 4 stitches. You can mark these stitches with coiless safety pins or any removable marker. Or... you can place a ring marker on each side of the "marked" stitch instead, which is what I am doing. I also chose to use one color for the first and fourth marked stitches and a different color for the the second and third marked stitches. My reasoning for this is as follows: The first and fourth marked stitches only have a decrease on one side of the marked stitch, and the second and third stitches have decreases on both sides of the marked stitch. -- I am one of those people who needs reminders as I am knitting; so, having the different colors will remind me what I am supposed to do when I come to them. Notice that I said "should."Markers

As you knit along, you may choose to drop your stitches periodically.  I am dropping my stitches on the first row after doing the row with the decreases.  I additionally used a coiless safety pin type marker for each of the "marked" stitches and for the two stitches on each edge that will be dropped to create the reversible phoney seam. These markers will remain in place until I drop the stitches down to pick them back up. (See the picture at the beginning of this post.) Once I knit the front and back loops together, I will reinsert the safety pin marker in that stitch, where it will stay until I drop the next group of stitches. This pin also prevents you from pulling out the bottom loop of the cast-on when you drop your stitches the first time.  When you drop your stitches after the first time, make sure you undo the K2tog and have a loop in the front and the back for picking up your next group of stitches. (See picture to the right)

Last but not least, please read the section of the pattern devoted to lengthening or shortening the coat. Depending on your height, you may want to add or delete rows per the instructions. I am 5' 9", so I am going to add the rows to lengthen my coat.

As always, feel free to ask questions or make comments below.

Happy Knitting!!!!


Monique Marcano

Date 3/14/2023

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