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Blue Butterfly 8x8 Square Skipper Loom

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Blue Butterfly Originals’ “niche specialties” are hand looms, the Blue Butterfly Originals Skipper. -- Miniature weaving looms, (there are always those who want to do things in miniature) and the small hand-looms, so popular from the 1930's into the early 1970's, are happily making a come-back in the craft world. Versatile and portable, projects can range in size and complexity from a single woven square for a mug rug, to several hundred connected squares for a bed-spread.

All types of yarn can be used to weave the squares. However, using wool yarn allows fiber artists to combine two interests in the world of wool: weaving and felting. Warping the wool yarn on the Skipper loom ensures that the woven squares will keep their shape, whether hand or machine felted. Hand-looms are thus a tool for felting. The woven squares are building blocks that can be combined into a variety of patterns for a variety of projects: afghans, pillows, scarves, and table-runners, to name a few.

All Blue Butterfly Originals Skipper looms are hand-crafted in Indiana using the native American woods: cherry and walnut. They are proud of their looms, as they offer another medium for working with wool.