A Sweater for Sheldon

Sheldon the Sheep has been in our shop since the pattern came out many years ago.  He sits and greets my customers as they come in the door, and always receives a warm hello. 

This year, Sheldon attended SAFF wearing a new sweater that I made for him.  I did not anticipate that anyone would pay much attention; however, I received numerous requests for the pattern. 


Originally, Sheldon was a free pattern from Universal Yarn which was done with their Deluxe Chunky Naturals.  There was an entire flock of Sheldon and his friends.  Unfortunately, that particular yarn was discontinued; however, they rewrote the pattern for their Deluxe Bulky Superwash.  You can download the pattern for free from Ravelry  here

I designed Sheldon's sweater on a whim.  I am including it as a free download.  I hope you enjoy working it up.  If you find any mistakes, do not hesitate to let me know.


Susan R.

Date 11/16/2022


Date 3/13/2023

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