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ONLINE ORDERS - At this moment, some of our distributors are still operating at a reduced level or they are unable to get products due to problems related to the covid virus epidemic and other issues.  If you place an order and we do not have it in stock, shipping may be delayed a few days or even months. In some cases, our companies will ship directly to you if we request them to do so.  We will definitely ship as soon as we can.  We apologize for this inconvenience and will appreciate your patience during this difficult time. 

The Tail Spinner is a full-service fiber arts shop, providing quality yarns, spinning wheels, looms, fiber, needles and tools, classes and much more. We are located in old historic downtown Richlands, just down the street from the County Museum and Library. We teach knitting, crochet, hand spinning, and weaving, and we also do demonstrations on fiber preparation, dyeing, felting, and other fiber arts. We hope you get a chance to visit us soon!

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